Advisory Boards

Break through to the next level with an industry advisory board

Sometimes our clients reach a stage where they need the support of powerful high-tech industry influencers to break through to the next level of market awareness and growth. For those clients, we offer a special recruitment service, in which we identify key opinion leaders and help persuade them to become members of our client’s industry advisory board.

The right board members can transform a company’s reputation and opportunities by:

  • Making key introductions.
  • Providing insight into industry conditions or trends.
  • Evangelizing on behalf of the company to build its credibility with the media, customers, prospects, and analysts.
  • Sell stuff for the company!

These individuals—typically current or former senior executives in brand-name organizations—can open doors because they are well respected within their industries and recognized for their achievements as leading technology or line-of-business executives.

In this service, we explore every possible lead and connection to these influential people, looking for the opportunity to make our client’s case to them. We’ve successfully created advisory boards for our clients—and we, and our clients, have been astonished by the way these rare individuals can transform a company’s prospects in its target markets.